You’ve got to be vigilant whenever you are looking for houses for rent Penrith since you do not own the house. Though being vigilant can mean that you’ve got to make sure that no damage occurs to the house, it also means that you’ve got to be cautious about your legal rights as a renter.

Whenever you’re renting a home, here are a couple of tips to keep in mind:

Be Sure Your Landlord Has Been Paid

You’ve got to ensure that your landlord deposits the check if you’re mailing a check to your landlord. You also have to inform the landlord that you have mailed the rent check if he/she has not cashed or deposited the check. It is much ideal to inform the landlord in writing. This includes text messages or emails. You do not want your landlord to think that you have failed to pay the rent on time.

Pay Your Rent on Time

You’ve got to pay your rent on time once you have moved into your new house. You can pay rent using electronic transfers, checks, or cash. Since there isn’t any paper trail to track the cash, paying in cash isn’t advised. You’ve got to ensure that you ask for a receipt that documents the date and the purpose of the cash if you choose to pay in cash.

Check the Property

You have to check the plumbing, windows, lock for doors, AC unit, water system, and a lot more. You’ve got to check simple things such as making sure that the toilets flush. You’ve got to ensure you ask the landlord or the realtor about house maintenance and when the house was last maintained. You should not rent a house with heating issues or plumbing problems during the winter.

Carefully Read the Lease

For those who do not know, a lease is a legal contract between the landlord and you for the use of the property of the landlord. A lease might include additional clauses that are not required legally by Tenant-Landlord laws. However, the clauses are binding legally whenever the lease is signed by both you and the landlord. You can request legal counsel and ask for a lawyer that specializes in Tenant-Landlord relations if you are worried that your lease may not be fair to you, such as the landlord needing you to inspect the property each week.

Check Again the Property

You can ask to see the property again if the lease is finalized and agreed upon by both the tenant and the landlord. You should take pictures and document any type of damage you notice when you are at the property. You can take a picture and inform the landlord in writing if you notice tiny holes in the walls caused by a wall-mounted gadget or device. The landlord might or might not repair the damage before you move in. But, it is crucial to inform your landlord before you move into the house. If you don’t, the landlord might accuse you of the damage.